1st gradeI am Lauri.  Welcome to my blog, where I will share “What’s On My Mind”.  Believe me, the volumes of “stuff” bouncing around in there since first grade are more than I can manage!  Hopefully, having an outlet for all those thoughts will free up some grey matter so I can learn and share even more of what’s on my mind.

Some of what I hope to publish here will be on topics that interest me: Gardening, Photography, Cooking and Baking, Hunting, Wine (and hopefully not whining), and Books, just to name a few.

Wendell, my teenage son, has Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (ID/D) and was recently diagnosed with Dyskeratosis Congenita (6/2015) and Tokita-Kim Syndrome (10/2016). This year (2017) I will write about these new diagnosis’ and what they mean to our family.  I have wonderful stories to share about our daily lives.  Some painful, some informational, and some absolutely hilarious.

DJ and I met in 2008 and we married in 2012.  For generations, his family has carried down the noble tradition of hunting.  DJ and his father have wonderful tales to tell, perhaps I will ask them to guest write.  Since I started hunting in 2012, I have a few of my own stories.

Most importantly, I am using pseudonyms for family members on the blog.  In an effort to maintain both their safety and their privacy, I ask that if you know their real names and/or where we live, that you do not make reference to either in your comments out of respect for their privacy.  Any such reference will be deleted.

Feel free to tag along with me on my journey; maybe you’ll learn something from me, or even better, I’ll learn from you.  Either way, I look forward to the company.  Comments are also welcomed and encouraged.   Enjoy!



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