We had 4 inches of wonderful, light, fluffy snow that stuck to everything.  After putting Wendell on the van for school, I headed outside to capture some on the beautiful early morning light (he leaves at 6:45, yikes!).  The light was beautiful, it’s a perfect time of day to practice.

After sending DJ off to work, I set off for the woods to snap shots before the snow melted.  With my camera on the tripod, I walked up the hill and into the woods.  I was also looking for tracks, however, most tracks left overnight were obliterated as the wind blew the snow off the tree branches.

I did see evidence of some deer and squirrels, but they always seem to go into hiding when I’m out with the camera.  I decided to set up in one of the stands on our property and see if anything wandered by.  No such luck.  After an hour of sitting and shooting different patterns of light and shadows, I climbed down and headed up to the ridge trail.  There I captured beautiful shadows of the trees as they fell across the path.  It almost looks like steps.

So, that was my photo adventure for Valentine’s Day 2013!


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