Santa Visits

Wendell does not do well with a visit to the mall Santa, therefore, Santa made a personal visit our house last week.  It’s all in who you know!

We prepped all week by asking Wendell what he wanted Santa to bring him.  Since we already had the gift for Santa to deliver, we guided his answer so he would believe Santa listened.

DJ’s family arrived early to wait for Santa.  At the appointed time, Santa was spotted walking up the sidewalk and Wendell threw himself at my mom and locked his arms around her neck in a death grip.  Santa waited patiently while I pried Wendell loose.  It took Wendell a few minutes before he would even look at Santa.

At last, Santa was seated in his chair.  Surprisingly, it still took some coaxing to get Wendell to sit on Santa’s lap.  Once he realized Santa had presents, he was all in!  Wendell really loves his monkey mask!  Even DJ took a turn on Santa’s lap with his extensive list of armaments.

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It was such a fun visit from Santa!  I hope Wendell doesn’t expect to see Santa again tomorrow morning; he’ll just have to enjoy the presents without the personal presentation.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from DJ, Wendell, Santa and Lauri

Merry Christmas from DJ, Wendell, Santa and Lauri


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