Standing Up Eggs

Last night at dinner, DJ was telling us that the Spring and Fall Equinox are the only days one can stand up an egg on its end.  My mom and I had never heard of such a thing, so DJ decided to demonstrate.  He couldn’t do it, but, he said, he would be able to do it tomorrow.  And, the egg would stand up all day, morning to night.

It wasn’t that we didn’t believe him, we were just skeptical.  He explained that they did the experiment in school.  We discussed how this might work, with the short daylight hours, gravitational pull.  Then I threw in longitude and latitude for good measure.

As DJ became more emphatic, and the laughter more raucous,  he decided to  call his dad for confirmation/validation.  With no answer and frustration mounting, he looked it up on a Google search.  He was not pleased with the results.  Wikipedia says, “Despite folklore connecting this practice to the lunar new year in China and the vernal equinox in the United States, egg balancing can be done throughout the year and has no connection to the gravitational force of the moon or sun.”

So he went on to Snopes,  and the laughter continued.  We even watched a video.

At this point, I decided to get an egg and try for myself.  I did figure out that you have to be patient.  I could actually feel the contents sloshing around in the shell, so the trick is holding the egg still long enough for everything to settle down.  At least that is my theory.  I was able to balance the egg on the round end and the pointy end.  I even got it to balance on top of the salt shaker!

And the funniest thing about the entire evening discussion?  We were all on the wrong day…tomorrow is Winter Solstice, not Fall Equinox!  And not one of us intelligent people picked up on that minor detail.  One more thing, today is not the shortest day of the year, every day is 24 hours.  I’m just happy we will start seeing more daylight hours again!  Enjoy your Winter Solstice day!


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