Every Day is Halloween!

As you have seen with my many posts about Wendell, he loves to dress up with hats and costumes.  It does not matter that Halloween has passed, he loves to run around in costume and shout,”Trick or Treat!”  Or just pretend he is anyone but Wendell.

Over the summer, Wendell discovered he liked to look at pictures of his favorite characters on my iPad.  And in looking at the pictures, he began “demanding” to dress up like this one or that one.  First came an Eeyore tail, followed by a Tigger tail.  These were accepted, but then I made the mistake of offering to make a Barney Rubble shirt for him.  It worked out nicely, but I say it was a mistake, because after that, he thought I could make any costume he wanted.  But, when the costume didn’t look exactly like the ones he’d seen in pictures, he was unhappy.

Next came a robot, and since DJ gets shipments of parts on a daily basis, we have an abundance of cardboard boxes.  What better medium for a robot is there than a cardboard box?  This one didn’t turn out too bad, he helped pick the stickers and put them where he wanted, and I found old bolts and burned out light bulbs which I hot glued to the box.  Then we made a bear from a cardboard box, but he didn’t much like that one.  No picture of that though, but I thought it was cute with its fuzzy pom-pom nose.

The one that really bombed was the chicken.  I was quite creative, I made wings and a breast-plate, again with cardboard.  I spent 3 hours cutting and gluing construction paper feathers of red, blue and yellow.  Then I made a beak out of craft foam, and Wendell had a rainbow Mohawk that lights up that we used for his rooster comb.  He pitched a fit and I wigged out on him and told him that he could not ask for anything else because I spent so much time on the chicken and he hurt my feelings.  Sure, I know, real mature, but he did apologize, and an hour later he was asking to put it on.

When school started, he looked at pictures less, but his interest in Spiderman and Woody the Sheriff piqued.  No way would I even attempt these, they would have to be perfect.   All through September and into October, he talked about Spiderman and Woody; he carried his toys around every where he went.  Not a day passed that he didn’t ask to dress up like Spiderman and Woody.

DJ even kept a list, asking every night at dinner, what Wendell wanted to dress as for Halloween.  There were about 10 characters on the list, but Spiderman scored the most, with Woody 2nd, and the rest having only been mentioned once.

As soon as costumes became available for Halloween, DJ went shopping.  In additional to paraphernalia for the 2 favorites, DJ bought a few extras to give at Christmas time, because after all, every day is Halloween!  You’ll have to wait for those pictures of course.  Until then, you can enjoy Spidey and Woody, because even as I write this, Wendell is dressed up as Spiderman.


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