Wildlife at Hollow Pointe Pond

Last post, I shared The Great Pond Make-Over, this post is all about the wildlife that visits or lives in the pond at Hollow Pointe.

When we first moved here in 2012, we discovered at least 3 Snapping Turtles.  Huge, nasty, creepy, prehistoric looking turtles.  They are mostly elusive, even when they come up for air, only their tiny little nostrils poke out above the water.  Since there was no way for them to climb out of the pond, I asked DJ to stack rocks along the edge for them.  I was actually surprised to see one take advantage of the rock pile.

Also in the reptile and amphibian category, we encountered a Milk snake, masquerading as a Copperhead.  He was rather large for a Milk snake in my opinion.


This autumn, we had a visit for the first time from a female Bufflehead.  Earlier in the year, work to repair the dam at a nearby lake that sat empty for 7 years was finally completed and the lake refilled.  As a result, waterfowl and other birds have been returning to the area.  This gal stayed for 3 days, enjoying the minnows before heading further south.


A Red-Shoulder Hawk nested about 200 yards away by the creek, and we’ve seen them for several years.

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An unwelcome visitor, is a Blue Heron.  This bird tends to only wound fish and leave them to die.  After taking this one’s picture, I chased it off.


Living in the pond, we have an assortment of Red-Spotted Newts, Green Frogs, Bull Frogs, Crayfish/Crawdads, Large Mouth Bass, assorted minnows, and frog eggs in season.

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There are even a few human visitors to the pond at Hollow Pointe, and DJ and I took a few wedding pictures on the dock.




2 thoughts on “Wildlife at Hollow Pointe Pond

  1. Thank you for sharing those images Lauri. I would love to have such wondrous creatures in my yard to observe. I especially like the two old duffers towards the end.


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