The Broken Foot Saga

After I broke my 5th metatarsal on Wendell’s birthday (in March), my doctor gave me the choice of having surgery to repair the break, or wait and see if it heals well enough by itself.  After the horrific experience following my Carpal Tunnel Release surgery, I was adverse to going under anesthesia, see Carpal Tunnel/TMJ.  The break was not severe enough to require immediate surgery, so I opted to wait.

I had a very nice removable boot cast with inflatable bladders, which is very nice for avoiding smelly foot from a traditional plaster cast.  Doctor said I could even take it off at night if I wanted to, but I felt more comfortable and safe with it on at night.  I followed her directions, keeping my foot elevated when I was seated, which was most of the time.  I was told I could heel walk with the boot, but the less I did that, the faster it would heal; I used the crutches all the time and only rested with my heel on the ground for balance.


Wendell’s feet keeping mine company on the recliner.

After a month of this, the healing hadn’t progressed as much as she would have liked.  It was mending, just not at a good rate.  Again, she gave me the option to continue to wait, or have the surgery.  DJ and I calculated the time scenarios and decided to proceed with the surgery.  I had a bump on my big toe of the same foot, and I had planned to have it removed later in the year, so being able to get that done at the same time made the choice easier.

Knowing what happened under anesthesia previously, I made sure everyone who would listen,  Doctor’s office nurse, the surgery scheduler, the surgery check in, the pre-op prep nurse, the anesthesiologist (especially him!), the anesthesia nurse, the two surgical nurses, and probably the janitor, that I had moderate to severe TMJ.  I was very anxious and needed to avoid a repeat occurrence of symptoms.  It took 3 months of physical therapy to relieve my TMJ pain.  Fortunately, all went well with the surgery.

Post surgery wrap

Post surgery wrap

Once again I was relegated to the couch with my foot elevated, television remote in hand, and iPad close by.  One would think I would write with all that seat time, but sadly, that was not the case.  Instead, I played games, listened to ebooks, read a few books, and watched lots of television.

Finally, on June 11, three months to the day I broke the darn thing, the doctor declared my foot was completely healed!  Yippee!


Nice scars…

Up next, some of the things I did while recovering.



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