Why Haven’t I Written?

I figured out something at oh-dark-hundred hours as I lay on the couch listening to Wendell pace in his room above me.  It has been over 6 months since I’ve posted, and it certainly hasn’t been for lack of material.

My last post in March, was about my broken foot; there is the conclusion of that adventure.  I have numerous photos taken in the spring as our gardens came to life.  I have genetic testing results for Wendell.  In July, DJ and I painted our pond, complete with pictures.  And the list goes on.

So, what has kept me from sharing?  When I write, I have to think (duh).  The thoughts are not always pleasant.  Thoughts on a particular subject might cause anxiety and stress.  Who needs that?  Other topics make me angry and frustrated.  I can’t just write about happy stuff, my life runs the gamut of emotions.  However, sometimes, I just. don’t. want. to get sucked into the vortex of my thoughts.

Instead, I listen to audio books.  I can do things around the house while listening to a book (although sometimes I sit with the iPad and play games).  I escape my own thoughts and become absorbed in the world created by others. I usually get through 2 books per week, scary.  Often, I have a digital book checked out at the same time, although reading a book is at the rate of one every three weeks.  Still, escape is achieved.

Now that my secret is out, I still can’t promise I will get back into a routine of writing, but, I plan to make an earnest attempt.  Stay tuned, some of what I have might be insightful (at least to me), and I know a few subjects should bring you a chuckle.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pictures from the summer.  Oh, and why was I on the couch at oh-dark-hundred and why was Wendell pacing?  Patience!

2015 07 14_2793


10 thoughts on “Why Haven’t I Written?

  1. The desire to blog comes and goes like anything else. And each person’s voice is unique, so whatever you want to write about will be fine. As for the reading, there’s nothing wrong with escaping into books – that’s the reason many of them are written!

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  2. Welcome back. What I find inspiring is that you speak what so many of us are afraid to admit out loud. You get lost in books and a world created by others, I do the same and wonder what the hell is wrong with me?! I should be working or cleaning or….OR! The list goes and yet, I read, lost in that other world. Nothing wrong with that Lauri, I say in hopes that there is nothing wrong with me!nMost of us can’t admit that we don’t want to get sucked into that “vortex the of thought” becasue it makes it all too real. Whatever life is offering up at the time, we don’t want to deal. I get it, but don’t have the courage to say it out loud like you do. So thank you for your refreshing ability to say and do what those of us are afraid to admit, for whatever reason. I have admired you since I met you and continue to admire you. I look for to the rest of the story 🙂 xo to you LS AOE


  3. I used to write to escape. Now, my blog often languishes and not for lack of things to say. It’s difficult to get honest online sometimes. It will a always be there. I guess it is a little bit of fear for me. Today, I’m thinking of participating in Cee’s Share Your World. It’s an easy writing exercise.


    1. I’ve done some of Cee’s Photo assignments, it is a great way to get unstuck. I agree about getting honest online, I have some subscribers I would prefer if they didn’t read, but the only way I can accomplish that is to start a new blog, and don’t share the site address. (BTW, I corrected your typo, if I could figure out how to make a smiley face, it would be here… ;-))

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