My Trip Down the Steps

On March 11, I was in the Emergency Room because I fell down the steps.  I thought I reached the bottom, but apparently I had not.  I rolled my right foot.  I heard the crunch.  I knew it was bad.

I lay on the floor on my back and elevated my foot on the overstuffed chair where I landed.  Breathing through the pain, I contemplated how I would alert my mom; she lives just across the porch.  My cell phone wasn’t in my pocket, I wasn’t even sure exactly where I left it.  I wouldn’t even attempt to stand.  No way.

I couldn’t lay there until she found me, she doesn’t always come over.  Wendell wouldn’t be home for 2 hours, and he doesn’t get out of the van by himself.  So, I crawled off in search of my cell phone.  I quickly realized I would not be able to get to a standing position to reach my phone if it was in the charger.  Think, think…duh, land line.  I could pull myself up onto the couch and reach the land line.

Within minutes, my mom was getting ice for my foot which was already turning purple.  With only 2 hours before Wendell was due home, I knew we could not get to the ER and back in time.  Soooo, I had to text DJ.  30 minutes later, we were on our way to the hospital.

As I filled out the paper work, it struck me…one of the questions asked about previous surgeries.  Exactly 15 years ago, I was in the hospital having a C-section to deliver Wendell!  Happy Birthday Wendell!

 2015-03-13_2350Three hours after my fall, I was sent home with crutches, a disk with my X-rays, and an appointment the next day to see my podiatrist/orthopedic surgeon.  Other than when I first fell, I have had very little to no pain, much to the surprise of anyone who sees the X-rays.

The doctor said my break was not so severe that I required surgery; I was one patient she was able to offer the option of surgery, or cast and wait.  Based on my experience with anesthesia (read the story here), I opted cast and wait.  I was fitted for a hard boot cast with manual air pump to add compression.  I return in a month for new X-rays.

Barely a week into this, I have sore shoulders from throwing my weight around on the crutches.  My left thigh and hamstring muscles ache from scooting up and down the steps.  I can hardly pull myself to standing when I get to the top of the steps from fatigue.  By the time I am out of this cast, I will be well sculpted for summer; except for my right leg.  Although, the weight of this boot can substitute for an ankle weight and I can do leg lifts.  And it will be just in time for spring planting.  So perhaps, there is some positive to come from this rotten experience after all!


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