Full Moon at Hollow Pointe

Full-Moon-and-IcyclesI know this looks a little like a bright, sunny day, but it isn’t.  Tuesday, February 4 we had a full moon.  I was up at 4:30 snapping shots, playing with aperture and shutter speed.  This is the result…with my Canon EOS 650D, 100 ISO, 30 second exposure, f/4.5, focal length 22 mm, outdoor temperature 6 F.  I did lighten shadows 10% with Photoshop Elements 11.

I love how the snow sparkles and the shadows stretch across the deck.  The edited photo shows how bright it actually was to my eye.  The icicles created additional sparkle.

The previous week, DJ and I went out sledding in the moonlight.  It was bright enough even a week before the moon was full.  You can sort of make out the driveway behind the garden; it is a faint, solid line, almost parallel to the deck railing.

Earlier in the day, I drove up the driveway to make ruts in the foot deep snow for Wendell and me to sled.  It isn’t very steep, but to get Wendell to walk back up for the next run, you’d think I was taking him up Mt. Everest!  We didn’t last more than 5 runs, so I was happy DJ went out with me in the evening.

Below is the original for comparison.

The icicles are gone now, but the temperature is frigid!  I won’t be out taking any shots of the beautiful snow scenes until it warms up to 20!


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