Oh, So Sick!

Whine, whine, woe is me.  Pity me, feel sorry for me (but really, please don’t). I can not remember the last time I was this sick!  Sure, every time I get a sinus infection, my throat gets white racing stripes and I lose my voice.  But golly gee, this is ridiculous!

My threshold for chronic pain is much higher than for this temporary illness crap.  I put up with Carpal Tunnel pain for over 10 years.  I have had pain in my foot as a result of Morton’s Toe for over 5 years, exacerbated by squatting to pull weeds, and walking long distances.  I could have surgery for it, but after the fiasco with my Carpal Tunnel Release surgery last year, if she can’t do it with a local anesthetic, then I will continue to suffer that pain.  But, oh, the moaning and tossing and turning!  The worst part is the upset stomach I get from coughing and swallowing to soothe my throat.  I don’t think I ever felt this bad even when I was pregnant!

I went to urgent care today because I couldn’t get in to see my doctor.  And I had my mom drive me because I was so fuzzy I didn’t think I could get there and back myself (thanks mom!).  So now here I sit, with 2 doses of antibiotics in me, hoping to finally get some sleep tonight with prescription strength cough syrup.  I haven’t slept longer than 45 minutes in any stretch since Monday, you’d think I’d collapse from exhaustion alone!

I don’t think mom’s get the luxury of being sick.  Right, what is luxurious about sitting on the couch all day hacking and blowing one’s nose while watching the television non stop.  I’ve got far too much, and better things to do.  Wendell had a cold last week, and that turned to pink eye.  I’ve been giving him antibiotic eye drops all week, probably how I got sick in the first place.  We mom’s are the care givers, not care recipients.

I never have the same symptoms as Wendell.  My illness always mutates into a sinus infection or a cold sore.  Today, I’d rather have the cold sore, at least I can still function with a cold sore.

Let me jump back to the eye drops for Wendell.  Have you ever had to put drops in someones eyes who doesn’t want them?  He squeezes his eyes so tight and squirms and thrashes so much that DJ has to pin him down while I pry open his eyes a tiny slit to get the drops in.  After, his face is so red, and I look for bruises around his eyes.  My mom says my dad was the same way.  It’s nice to know it isn’t just part of Wendell’s disability.

Hopefully, I will get a good night sleep and be on the mend by tomorrow evening!  If not, no one is this house will be happy, because if Mom isn’t happy, no one is happy.  Wish them luck!


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