I Stand Beside Governor Palin

This link is to an article by Steve Friess which prompted me to write this post.

With so much media coverage about this picture of Trig Palin last week, I felt compelled as the mother of a Special Needs kid to comment.   The only reason PETA and liberals have a problem with this is because it was posted by Republican Sarah Palin. Let’s stop all the hate toward someone just because you don’t agree with their politics.  Instead, let’s look at the amazing accomplishment of Trig, sorting out and solving a problem. And, if Trig standing on the dog’s back caused her pain, she would move.

Welcome to Holland”  by Emily Perl Kingsley 1987, explains what is like to have a child with Special Needs.  My son’s pediatrician gave me a copy of this when Wendell was 2.  I cried.  I still cry when I read it, but it is no longer with sadness, it inspires me.  I hope anyone who blasted Governor Palin with hateful comments will read this and realize disabilities cross borders, political lines, race lines, and gender lines.  If you must attack the woman, do so about a specific political position for which she stands, not her son’s disability.

So yes, I support Governor Palin in this debate, not because I am a Republican, but because I am the Mom of a Special Needs child. We parents of Special Needs kids marvel at the accomplishments of our kids and enjoy sharing them with friends, the same way you with typically developing kids enjoy sharing good grades, sports achievements, prom photos. Things many probably take for granted as a rite of passage, and that some of us will never experience.


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