Blogging 101: Be Inspired by the Neighbors

Catching up on assignments, this Blogging 101 assignment was to write a post inspired by a blog we commented on yesterday (or in my case, today).

I’ve spent most of the week reading my neighbors blogs. Most I have enjoyed, and others, not so much. I find myself being overwhelmed at times at the volume of material; for crying out loud, The Daily Post has over 8 million followers!

But I did find one that I especially feel compelled to read, Life with a Yellow Bike .  It captivated me, I just love the way Stephanie keeps me interested to the very end of the story.  I have read several of her posts as we travel through Blogging 101, and I find myself making time to read more from her archives.  This post, from another of our assignments is just a place to start.  I hope you enjoy reading her stories as much as I have!


2 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Be Inspired by the Neighbors

  1. Firstly Lauri, thanks for your kind words about my blog, I’m just home from a crazy day where I miss being able to write and have two more of such days yet to go, But your words about my blog have given me such a lift (you have no idea) and i also feel guilty that i have not taken as much time as you and looked at others work, I need to start doing more reading and I will with yours, btw am most impressed with your blog theme and lay out really makes me want to read ….chat soon, aghhhhh to have more time 🙂


    1. You’re welcome! No worries, I understand busy. I’m behind on assignments myself. I’ve heard similar comments about my theme, but I’m not sure it pleases me. I find the white type on black is difficult to read, but I do like the font. When time is a precious commodity, I hate getting sucked in to playing with themes.

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