A Change in Theme, or What My Blog Looks Like (For Now)

This is the assignment I was looking forward to from the beginning of the class.  I did exactly what the assignment recommended we not do…

“It’s easy to get lost in the land of themes, so feel free to stretch this assignment out a bit, and browse themes  — try more than three, if you’re still on the fence — when you’ve got a bit more time over the weekend. But not too many — looking at dozens and dozens of themes leads to analysis paralysis, and can make it harder to decide on one. If you must go on a preview binge, cap it at 10 or 20, not 100!”

I spent HOURS, when I originally allotted 2 hours for blogging today, viewing and testing different themes. I couldn’t find one that had everything I wanted.  And sorry, I’m not a professional here, I don’t plan to spend hundreds of dollars on my blog.  Hundreds of hours, maybe, well, probably.

In the end, I chose one that had drawn my attention when I first started my blog in 2013, Chalkboard.  I like the fun font mostly, and the look and feel of the sidebar at footers.  But what I don’t love, and will probably be the reason I search again, is the white type on black background.  It really bothers my eyes, so I figure it might bother my reader’s eyes also.

Additionally, I spent some time reading explanations of how to do things on the support pages.  Most of the information was helpful, some, not so much.  One such item that still baffles me is “Custom Menu”.  If I read correctly, you make a drop down menu of your pages.  Well, why would I need to do that if my pages are listed across the top of my blog?  And in widgets, why do my readers need to know how many spam comments Askimet blocked for me?  I can see that info in my stats.  There were others, but I guess over time I will come to understand more of them.

Even though I spent far more time with this assignment than anticipated, I did learn some things.  And I got the laundry done…now to go fold everything.  No one will mind if things are wrinkled at bit, as long as I had a good day!



5 thoughts on “A Change in Theme, or What My Blog Looks Like (For Now)

  1. I quite like the theme, I might try it on my blog. In beginning to get bored with the look of my current theme twenty twelve, although it is very flexible and doors all the things that I want from a theme. I don’t mind the white text on black, it is fairly easy to read, though I normally order black text on white.


  2. The minute I saw this theme, I liked it. I didn’t come across it in my theme searches. I tried out a few new ones, but I haven’t changed mine. Maybe tonight. Blogging 101 is taking more time than I normally spend blogging, but I am enjoying the assignments and meeting new bloggers 🙂


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