Blogging 101: Say Hello to the Neighbors

Since beginning this course, I’ve added 20 blogs to my the list I’m following.  Most are by fellow classmates, and a few I’ve picked up from Freshly Pressed, or by looking at the blogs of those who’ve commented on or liked one of my posts.  Choosing an additional 5 topics to follow was little more difficult.

I understand in order to grow views and visitors, I need to visit other blogs.  But frankly, I have a limited amount of time each day, as does everyone, and I am easily bogged down and distracted.  Those little conversations in my head I mentioned previously occur as I write…instead of just typing what comes to mind and editing later, I have to sound it out over and over.  They occur when I read…I find a word I like the sound of and I repeat it in  my head; I read a post that strikes a chord in me and I have to read more, more more!

Before I realize, it is time for my son to come home from school, I haven’t showered, or eaten lunch, or breakfast for that matter.  And I’ve got to think about dinner, and my brain runs off on 10 different tangents…I should work up a meal plan a week at a time…I should make a daily schedule…I need to work on that chair so I can get to the other five…wow the wind is really blowing all that snow around, how pretty…I wonder since the sun is shining so bright, are there such a thing a snow-bows?…I, hey was that a fox squirrel?

So, like I said, I’ve added 20 or so new blogs to follow, and the topics I added are: Disabilities, Gardening, Hunting, Nature, Therapy Horses, and Weekly Photo Challenge.  I’m sure I’ll add to both as I explore the blogs around me.


Comments Welcomed and Appreciated

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