Weekly Photo Challenge : New

Joyce's ChairI had a difficult time deciding what my “New” photo would be.  Last summer, a former neighbor and friend of DJ held an auction to sell all her household possessions.  She had moved into a care facility three years ago, and she and her daughter agreed it was finally time to sell the house and belongings.

I had never been to an auction before, and it was quite fascinating and fun!  As we walked through rows of tables with items packed in boxes, DJ explained how like items were grouped together, such as holiday items, cooking utensils, or bath towels, to be sold as a box lot.  If a box lot wasn’t drawing bids, another box would be added to it until someone was willing to take all the items.  Larger items would be sold individually.

As we wandered around, I found a box of aluminum baking pans I’d like to have, in pristine condition, although I know she used them often.  A few other items caught my interest, but nothing I really had to have.  We looked at her dining suite, which included a table with two leaves, a felt- padded table saver, six chairs, and a hutch.  The table on our sun porch was too large for the space, therefore we had been searching for a replacement.  Although we did not want the hutch, we discussed our maximum bid for the table and chairs, hoping the items would be sold individually, and settled in to wait.

In the meantime, we won the bid on the box of aluminum baking pans, and a few smaller items that held sentimental value for DJ.  There was an old, wooden scythe that I thought would be perfect for the side of our carport where we already had placed DJ’s old hokey.  I was out of the building when it came up for bid, but DJ managed to outbid everyone.

Finally the table came up for bidding.  When the auctioneer asked if the items should be sold together or separately, all those interested shouted, “Separate!”  Obviously, we won the bid as I am now refinishing the chairs.  I will add pictures as I progress toward completion.

And so, my “New” is really a “Re-new”.  I hope I finish them by spring!


Update…here is a picture of our hokey.  I never did find a proper spelling for it, probably because my husband made it up, but that’s what he says his family called it.  Basically, it’s just a garden cultivator.

Hokey, aka Garden Cultivator


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : New

  1. A fascinating project – wonderful to give new life to this furniture.They say that Americans & British are divided by a common language. I looked up and discovered a hutch is not an animal cage but a dresser and I gave up on hokey. What does it mean, please?


    1. Perhaps I’ve spelled it incorrectly, but I couldn’t find it in any of my dictionaries either. A hokey is a garden or farm tool; a hoe with a wheel in front, and a handle to push it. I’ll post a picture.

      A china cabinet might have more accurately described the hutch.

      I love refinishing furniture, but it is very time consuming and messy.

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