Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself (or Myself)

My name is Lauri.  I am not new to this blog, but I haven’t written for some time. I just read my “About” page,, which was written in 2013.  Not much has changed since then except the age of my son, so with this first assignment, I will elaborate.

I started this blog for a few reasons; first, so maybe I could get some of the “noise” out of my head and off my mind, that interferes with my sleep and my ability to stay focused on daily tasks.  I get stuck on some conversation I need to have with someone, or should have had with someone, or did have with someone, and I play and replay the scenario with different outcomes.  Some conversations have been played so many times I forget it didn’t actually occur outside my head.  This is frustrating for my husband DJ, who often says, “I didn’t know that, you never told me.”   I also think through ideas for a project, or plan out my activities for the next day, and unless I write them down, they are lost when I wake up.  Which is the reason for the notepad in my nightstand, and probably why I have numerous post drafts in varying states of completion.

My second reason was/is to share things I like.  I have a wonderful raised bed vegetable garden and I am already looking forward to spring to get started with planting.  In addition to the vegetable garden, we currently have 10 fruit trees, to which we will likely add another 5 to 10.  We also have a perennial garden, and don’t let anyone tell you a mature perennial garden requires little maintenance, that is not the case, quite the opposite in fact.

Additionally, I have a 14, almost 15 year old son, Wendell who has Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Autism, and behavior issues.  Our lives sometimes make interesting and funny stories, and occasionally, I like to share some of my frustrations.  Usually, by the time I’ve finished writing about a particularly difficult event or day, I feel much better and have managed to find some humor in the event.

Living in a house built in 1846 with 80 acres woodlands creates opportunities for many projects, thus giving me much material to share.  Some projects are to improve our lives, some are just routine maintenance.  Some are quick and easy, and others are fraught with foul language and repeated trips to Lowes or Home Depot, and almost always have one or more “oh $hit” moments to make us laugh when it is finally over.

I also enjoy photography.  The gardens, our property, various projects here and there, all provide wonderful opportunities for me to practice.  Also, Wendell gets his fair share of exposure in my photographs.  I plan to carry my camera around more, especially since I have a wonderful carry bag I received from my mom for Christmas 2013.

Additionally, I use pseudonyms for family members on the blog.  In an effort to maintain both their safety and their privacy, I ask that if you know their real names and/or where we live, that you do not make reference to either in your comments out of respect for their privacy.  Any such reference will be deleted.

Through this course, I hope to be more consistent with my posts, increase my followers, and learn along the way. So join me on this journey of “What’s On Lauri’s Mind”.


6 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Introduce Yourself (or Myself)

  1. You have lots going on and a good plan to deal with all of the above. Writing will help you organize your thoughts and priorities and I look forward to following your progress. You go, girl!

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  2. This is a very good post. I actually can relate to the part where you expect your husband to know about something because in your head you’ve thought of communucating it but you didn’t! Your writing style is very appropriate for the blog title.


  3. Good post, Lauri… I peeked at your paper (er, post) to see what we were supposed to do. Thanks for the help. 🙂 This introduction post you wrote is entertaining and informative. I like the use of pseudonyms, I’ll borrow that from you if you don’t mind.


    1. Feel free to borrow! I “borrowed” from another site. Since my son has Special Needs and is under 18 AND can not speak for himself, I thought it important. Glad I could be of assistance, and I’m happy you liked my post.


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