Bat Mom

The Clown and Fred Flintstone have taken a back seat to Batman, for a while anyway.  Wendell received a nice knit Batman hat from his teacher and classmates for Christmas, this is the one he is wearing.  Bat Mom is wearing the mask his dad sent him.

Part of his fun in dressing up is getting me or my mom to dress up too.  He laughs and jumps up and down when he gets one of us in the clown wig.  With a mask, it is a little different.  I think he’s not quite sure who is behind the mask. 

When he dons a mask himself, he will stand in front of a mirror, or any reflective surface really, and stare at himself.  When I put on the Batman mask, he grabbed my hand in a death grip and led me to the bathroom mirror.  We stood there a while looking back and forth at each other.  Then he got the brilliant idea that he wanted a picture taken.  In one of his clearest sentences, he demanded, “Mommy, take a picture in both my masks.”

Who could turn down such a request?  So we set off to find DJ and get the camera.  Still holding my hand in the same death grip, I guess so I wouldn’t change my mind or get away, we posed for several pictures..  He finally let go in order to look at the pictures.

He even attempts the “Na na na na na na na na BATMAN!” song. 


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