I need a schedule.  I have much to do, yet I always seem to procrastinate.  I often feel overwhelmed by all the things I have to do, and I always find more to do.  Or, really, other things to do that seem to take priority above things already pending on my to do list.

I’ve tried schedules before, you know, Monday 8:00 Exercise, 9:00 Shower.  Do I really need to put Shower on my schedule? This is why I never get anywhere with schedules, it seems silly.  Because after I exercise, maybe I’ll want to clean the kitchen, or the bathroom, yeah, that’s it, clean the bathroom, then shower in the clean bathroom.  And actually, cleaning the bathroom is on Tuesday.  Maybe I should just put “Clean” on the schedule and whatever I feel like cleaning in that time slot gets done.  But what if what I decide to clean takes longer than the hour I’ve allotted?  Do I stop in the middle and change to what is next on the schedule?

And what if I’ve had a terrible night sleep and want to go back to bed after Wendell goes to school.  I often do that, so maybe I should just schedule nap time right off.  However, if I have a nap slotted in and I’ve got morning energy, do I skip the nap and move on to the next item?  Should I set the alarm so I don’t sleep longer than the scheduled time?

10:00 Work in Garden.  It’s raining, it’s too cold, it’s too hot.

12:00 Lunch.  I’m not hungry, the phone rings.  THAT wasn’t on my schedule.

1:00 Write Blog.  I don’t have any ideas, I have a headache and don’t want to stare at the computer.  Hey, I have that show on the DVR.  Gee, should have scheduled time to watch that.

This schedule thing is extremely frustrating.  When I worked in sales, I would plan a day in a particular town.  I would plan out my calls by grouping everything that was in close proximity, then call the customers to schedule time.  See where this is going?  Other people do not understand that I’ve carefully calculated time needed for each appointment and travel time in between.  This one runs over, that one is a no show, the next doesn’t take as long as expected, another can’t see me at 9 but can at 2, but I’m on the other side of town at 2.

You know, even Amtrak can’t stick to their printed schedule.  Passenger trains are not given priority over freight trains.  People don’t generate as much revenue as cargo, therefore, passenger trains sit on a side rail as a long, slow  train carrying tennis balls and dog toys rumbles by.  (Note that I’ve jumped tracks here?)  (Sometimes I crack myself up.  But again I digress from the all important task of scheduling.)

Perhaps I just have too much to do.  Or my expectations of what I am capable of doing are too high?  No, I really can get a great amount done when I put my mind to task.  One day, I can be extremely productive, feeling great about what I’ve accomplished, and then the next day, I’m lost and befuddled and running around in circles.  Maybe I should just schedule my mornings, and keep the afternoons open for overflow, extra bursts of energy, and just down time.

I think I’ll start by just doing stuff, then write down on a schedule what I did and how long it took me to do it.  Still doesn’t help.  I get distracted, bored, frustrated, impatient, anxious.  Ooh, there is another problem, anxiety and depression.  Sounds like just another excuse to me.  Fiddle sticks, there has to be a way I can use what I know about myself and my issues to get done what needs to be done and not always feel like I’m going in circles.  Maybe I should schedule circles.  There’s an idea.

When I get it figured out, I’ll let you know.  Right now the schedules says I have to brush  my teeth, so off I must go!


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