“Trust Me”

In keeping with the trust theme, Wendell and I had a conversation about the subject this morning as I prepared his breakfast.  Those of you who know our family will understand the comedy of this discussion.  For those of you who may be new to the situation, read http://wp.me/p3cAwk-8I and it may make some sense.

W: Trust me Mommy.
L: Trust you for what?
W: Eat breakfast fast.
L: Really? (with a hint of sarcasm completely lost on him.)
W: Yes, trust me eat fast, go Grandma’s house.
L: Wendell, what does it mean to trust someone?
W: Well, like (assuming his thoughtful pose, fingers on his chin, bottom lip thrust out, eyes searching the ceiling thoughtfully) Bugs Bunny trust Porky Pig.
L: OK. Trust is like a promise. When you tell me to trust you, it means you are promising to eat fast.
W: Oh right, trust me, yes yes.
L: If you tell me to trust you to eat fast, and you don’t eat fast, you are breaking your promise.  Then I won’t trust you.  If you make a promise, you have to keep the promise.
W: Yes, I promise, trust me.
L: Sure, I trust you about as far as I can throw you. (a little sarcasm)
W: Oh thank you Mommy!

Needless to say, the meal did not get off as fast as he promised.  However, after I left the room, he picked up the pace and finished his pancakes and yogurt with no assistance.  I know he can do this himself, I just don’t understand why he won’t sometimes.

This whole “trust me” phrase started because Wendell always gets soap and shampoo in this eyes in the shower.  I keep telling him to trust me and keep his soapy hands out of his eyes and they won’t burn.  Guess he doesn’t really get it.


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