Husking Corn

Wendell always liked playing with corn husks, so DJ decided (unbeknownst to me) to teach Wendell to husk the corn.  I looked out the window to the carport where the work  had begun and practically fell over!

I raced to get my camera and ever so quietly opened the front door and crept into shooting position.  I thought for sure my presence would break the spell and Wendell would scamper off squealing.  He was so engrossed in what he was doing, he scarcely noticed me.

I needed to reposition myself to get better shots, thinking surely this can’t last.  Wendell barely glanced up at me as I climbed into the bed of the pickup truck.  Even after DJ stepped out of the frame (which he didn’t have to do btw), Wendell stayed focused on his task and didn’t try to stop and play with the husks.  He even cleaned off most of the silk!

Usually new tasks or skills take a great deal of time, and involve lots of repetition and frustration.  Perhaps he had observed this ritual enough times that it was easy for him to understand what was expected.  Or because of his previous interest in the corn husks, it was something that interested him. But most likely, I think DJ is an excellent instructor!


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