Red Spotted Newts

Our pond is full of Red Spotted Newts, thousands in fact. In the spring, they hover suspended in the water or swim around, not seeming to want to escape. Late summer however, they are climbing on anything they can, plants rocks and each other.  This strange activity seems to occur mostly in the early evening.

So after a little research, I learned that these guys have 3 stages of life.  They start off in the water, then start to develop lungs and dry out in preparation for their land stage.  They even change color for their life on land, becoming more orange and brown.  When they are ready, they leave the pond and head into the woods where they spend 3 to 4 years before returning to the water to mate and spend the rest of their lives.

Newts using each other to get to the top of the rocks.

Newts in a crevice between the rocks, using each other to get to the top.


Two potted pond plants used by the newts.


They are really think in there.



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