My Clown

As I’ve posted before, Wendell LOVES hats.  A few weeks ago, he was watching a show with clowns, and he got very excited about the clown’s hair.  I remembered he has a rainbow wig tucked away in a bag of “toys we don’t play with, but may again some day so we don’t throw them away”.

For at least four weeks now, the wig has been worn everywhere…shopping, meeting my friend for ice cream, collecting the mail, gardening with Gram, a doctor appointment, and to ESY (Extended School Year).  The only place I won’t let him wear it is into a restaurant.  It sheds little, plastic, curly-q fibers every where!

Wendell has a cute little shuffle step which is his own custom dance step, so as he bebops down the driveway, or through the store, his rainbow hair bounces and bops with him.  He laughs and sings, “doot doot da doot doot”, which is his version of what I have been singing to him.  It’s actually Entry of the Gladiators written by Julius Fucik in 1897, originally as a military march.  In 1907 it was re-written and used for circus clowns.  Check it on YouTube if you are confused.

Most people comment how cool he looks, which makes him even happier than he already is by just wearing the wig.  He’ll do a few dance steps to make the wig bounce, and everyone laughs…with him, not at him.  Yesterday, the DirecTv guy even told him he looked “Cool Dude”, and that sent him into a giggling, dancing fit.  And DTv guy even gave him a high five, which was even better.

There are only a few people who have stared, pointed, or made comments to whomever they were with, and to these people, I give “The Stare”.  Some of you probably have your own version of this, which says, “I dare you to says something, just go ahead, Make.My.Day!”  It is usually enough to send a giggling child to hide behind his/her parent or make an adult stop, nod and turn away.

For the next eight days, Wendell will be vacationing with his bio-dad.  He gets embarrassed about Wendell’s behavior sometimes, so I am curios to hear how he deals with the desire to wear the wig everywhere.  We met at WalMart today to do the hand-off of kid and stuff, and Wendell and I were inside when his dad found us in the produce section.  He laughed, I could tell there was a little panic.

After I finished shopping, we went to our cars to transfer stuff, then he was returning to the store to do his shopping.  He asked Wendell if he wanted to leave the wig in the car…yeah right!  Not happening dad!  I chuckled as I drove away.  Have a great time Wendell!


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