Well, Hello!

One of my favorite birds to return in the spring is the Hummingbird.  As they have just returned in the last week, they are still a little skittish when I walk outside.  In another month, they will be buzzing my head when I pass by the feeder.  When the feeder is empty they will hover in front of the windows, peering in and staring me down to remind me they are hungry.  I stare back and point out the numerous other sources of nourishment.

Currently, I see four zipping around.  They are definitely courting with the males sweeping like a pendulum as the females sit on nearby branches watching.

Last summer after we moved in, I enjoyed watching one male sit on his perch and guard “his” feeder.  He would chase potential trespassers around and over the top of the house before returning to stand watch.  Later in September, a group of 6 to 8 more aggressive birds, perhaps a traveling group already migrating south, came along and he disappeared from his throne.  None of the new birds, however, took over the spot in the tree.  I didn’t feel safe in the yard with as many as 15 zingers bombing around, so mid-month, I cut them off.  By October, they were all gone.

Now, just a few are back, and maybe this guy is my returning “king”.  He does sit on the throne perch occasionally.  I could sit and stare for hours, but alas, I have other “stuff” to do!  Enjoy!


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