“Hot Date”

Wendell came home from school today telling us he has a “Hot Date”, (taking a breath so I don’t burst out laughing).  He proceeded to say that he needed to wear his sombrero, and he needed a drink of water because he is hot.

To confirm we were hearing correctly, we questioned him to obtain more details.

Me: You mean “hot day”?

W: No. (Bending over to get eye to eye with my mom and for emphasis.) HOT (as if we didn’t hear) Da-Te, /t/, /t/.

Me: Who is your hot date?

W: Um, like Frank. (Here, he means Franklin, one of Charlie Brown’s friends who comes for Thanksgiving dinner.) Watch “People”? (This is a request to watch This is America Charlie Brown.  He calls it “people” because the first segment is about the people on the Mayflower voyage, their crossing of the ocean and landing at Plymouth.)

Me: No.

W: Watch Samoset? (Included in the “People” segment is Samoset helping the pilgrims by bringing them Squanto, who brings the great Chief Massasoit with lots of food to give thanks…seriously summarized, I’m not giving a history lesson.  This is his sneaky way to try to get me to put on what he wants to watch, thinking he’ll fool me by changing his request to a different character or subject.  Following the Mayflower episode, George Washington is in Philadelphia to write the Constitution, so sometimes he puts on his pirate hat, which doubles as his George Washington hat, and asks for George Washington.  The kid is smart.)

Me: No. (It isn’t that I’m mean, although Wendell probably thinks I am by not giving in.  He’s watched these so many times, as with almost everything he watches, that I can’t stand to watch them any longer.  He can sucker my mom into watching them, provided it isn’t after I’ve told him no.)

W: Watch Sid temperature? (Sid the Science Kid, PBS.  Lots of learning going on with this show, so I don’t mind watching this one too much.  But some times he perseverates on a particular episode, and if it isn’t currently available on the DVR, he pouts or gets angry.  He even tries to negotiate at meal time for a show he wants, if he eats well.  He’ll stare me down with a mouth full of food, see “Hershey Penn State Feeding Clinic” post for example pictures.)

Me: We don’t have that Sid, but Grandma does, if she says you can watch it there, then fine.

W: Yippee! (He grabs my mom and off they go to her house, chattering all the while.)

And, the “Hot Date” is forgotten.  Phew!  Hmm, now that I think about it, he probably got the line from watching Happy Thanksgiving Charlie Brown.  I believe Peppermint Patty makes a comment to to either “Old Chuck” or Marcie.  I will have to check the next time I use the show as a reward. Later, much later!


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