Señor Wendell

Fiesta? I thought you said SIESTA!

Fiesta? I thought you said SIESTA!

For his birthday, Wendell received a sombrero from my mom.  A wonderful addition to his hat collection (see Hats, Hats, TOO MANY Hats! permalink ), as he enjoys playing with it all the time.

He tries to take it to school, but I won’t let him take anything not fitting into his back pack.  He tries to wear it with his Iron Man mask, which he can take to school.  It has to sit just so on the bench behind the breakfast table so he can turn around while eating to make sure it is “safe”.  He also reminds me to keep it safe while he is at school.  “No body touch my sombrero hat, keep safe.”  Check, it will be in the same spot when you get home.

Wendell likes to gather up his toys and hats du jour, and haul everything off to my mom’s house (across the porch).  It is not uncommon to hear him screech, “I need help!”.  He can’t get the sliding door open because he is loaded down with Charles the giant sock monkey, 5 or 6 hats at least, a Spider Man stuffed toy, and any little thing he sees along the way.  Once at my mom’s, he lines everything up on the back of her couch so he can admire and take inventory.  Anything missing and he races back across the porch to get it (them).  Returning with items often requires multiple trip, and occasionally during the trips back, he’ll sneak over something else.  Turn around, take it all back.

Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!

Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

He’ll even rattle off things in Spanish.  His known vocabulary consists of “Hola”, “Gracias”, “Olé”, “Hot Tamales”, “Holy Frijolés”, “Ay ay ay”, and “De nada”.  All of which he uses appropriately, and will even tell you the meaning if you don’t know.  “Hola, that’s Hello!”  The rest is just nonsensical chatter that he thinks sounds like Spanish.  But who am I to argue, it puts the brightest smile on his face.

Working in the Garden

Working in the Garden

Wendell also likes to take his sombrero (and any other toy he thinks he can get away with) outside.  This one I don’t mind because it shades his face nicely.  Saturday, I put him to work in the yard pulling yellow flowers out of the grass.  Half the time he just sat holding his sombrero, but I didn’t mind since my main goal was to get him outside in the sun and fresh air.  At dinner, he learned those flowers were called Dandelions, which didn’t impress him.  Just pick the yellow flowers in the grass.

Skippyjon has nothing on me.

Skippyjon has nothing on me.

Playing with the sombrero has brought Wendell back to one of his favorite characters, Skippyjon Jones, books by Judy Schachner.  It is an adorable character, a Siamese cat that thinks he’s a chihuahua because his ears are so big.  There are many Spanish words in the stories which he mimics, then giggles at his attempts, and sometimes the reader’s attempts if not familiar with the pronunciation.

He takes such pleasure from his hats.  Some going in and out of favor as his interests change, or as he sees something new on a show.  Right now, the sombrero seems to be at the front of the pack.  No complaints from me, thanks Mom!


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