Hawk at Hollow Pointe


For the last few mornings, we have enjoyed watching this hawk fishing for salamanders in our pond.  Yesterday, the pond was glassy so I captured several great photos as the sun was coming up behind and to the right.  However, unlike people, you can’t make them move when and where you want to.

Reflecting and Searching...

Reflecting and Searching…

As she sat, her head tilted and twisted as she was searching out the best target.  In the morning, the salamanders break the surface as the come up for air.  She really should be out in the afternoon because they float, suspended in the water at different levels.  Much easier targets in my opinion.  I’ve noticed she raises one foot shortly before she takes off.



She didn’t go the direction I anticipated based on past flights, so I only caught the take off, not her catch.



I watched the hawk shake the salamander and rip it apart with its talons.  She hop-walked into the grass to enjoy her catch.  Then she turned around and perched on the edge of the pond, peering over the edge of the rocks.  Satisfied with only one salamander today, a short while later she took off.



Sorry, I’m not super impressed with the quality of the photos when I upload them.  They are more sharp and clear on my computer screen.  If anyone whose done this longer than I, has any instructions or recommendations, I’d greatly appreciate it.  I’m still learning how to manipulate this site.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy!






9 thoughts on “Hawk at Hollow Pointe

  1. What a neat experience! The shots are great – I love the one where he sits on the bench. I always choose the largest size when uploading – of course I have exceeded the WordPress max storage long ago 🙂


    1. Thanks. I’ll have to check to see what I’ve loaded. I’ve just started shooting in RAW, which WP doesn’t accept. I don’t know if I’m losing in converting to .jpg. I’ll have to do some comparisons. Thanks again!


      1. When I shoot raw I shoot JPEG + RAW so I have an image that I can upload with little adjustment. In Photoshop if you are using “save as” and selecting JPG – you should be OK. If you select “save for web” you are getting a lot more compression.


        1. My camera also does the RAW +, and I only save for web if I plan to email. I’m just learning about RAW and am still intimidated some. I’m very comfortable with JPG in Photoshop. I am learning more every day. Thanks!


  2. Hi Laur, great photos. I am unfortunately about 3 hours from Huntingdon and new to PA. I will need some time adjusting and finding my way around. Thanks for the invite though, greatly appreciated. Hopefully one day once I settle in I will be able to make it out to Huntingdon and see the Bald Eagles. Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.


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