Canon DSLR Cameras

t3i_586x186I love to take pictures, photographs, photos, whatever you choose to call them.  I’m not great, I’ve been better, and I’ve been worse.  Now I’ve got an equipment problem.  Since Canon no longer makes the part I need and I can’t find it on the internet (I’ve searched, so if anyone knows where I can get Canon part CF1-5301-000, let me know).  It’s the battery door cover; without it, the camera won’t power up.  So I’ve got the thing jury-rigged, and that only works about half the time.

Now I’ve been researching cameras; reading reviews, watching YouTube reviews, asking friends.  Before you suggest something other than Canon, I’m not switching.  I’ve got a Canon 35mm SLR camera as well as my DSLR, and 3 lenses which of course are interchangeable.  I’ve already got a good amount invested, I’m sticking with Canon.  Besides, I really like it.

All of the “kits” you can buy include a lens, and in most cases, it is the same lens I already have.  I’m only shopping for a camera body.  I’m looking at the T3i, T4i, or possibly ordering the new T5i.   Auto focus in video mode is the only feature of the T4i that isn’t available in the T3i that might sway my decision.  However, I’m not so set on that feature that I’d fork over the extra $250 to get it.  However, the T5i available through pre-order, has the auto focus in video mode, and is $50 less than the T4i.  Go figure.  Plus being the newest model, I shouldn’t need to upgrade for another 10 years, unless it gets dropped like my current one did.

Any thoughts or recommendations are greatly appreciated, but keep in mind, these three are manageable in my budget.  You won’t be able to talk me into something else, unless of course you want to subsidize my purchase!

UPDATE: The part I ordered from Sears PartsDirect was cancelled.  Apparently when they tried to order from Canon, they learned it was discontinued.  (duh, could have told them that!) I’ve been contacting eBay sellers, and no one seems to have the part.  What happens to parts when they are discontinued?  I doubt they used all of them, they have to go somewhere.  Oh well, looks like I might be getting the new camera body after all.


8 thoughts on “Canon DSLR Cameras

  1. Have you tried looking through the ads in a photo magazine such as Shutterbug ( You can contact numerous new/used/repaired camera dealers who just might have the part you need.

    When I was heavily into photography back in the ’80s, Shutterbug was an invaluable resource for a wide-range of equipment and accessories that I was searching for.

    Good luck,


          1. Yes I did, and in fact found a working body for $99. But my batteries also don’t hold a charge as long, and finding the right battery has also proven to be a challenge. After 10 years, I think it’s time for an upgrade. And yes, my lenses are compatible, that was a deciding factor. Thanks for all your tips Allan!


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