April Fool’s

I’m not into mean, messy April Fool’s pranks. Just fun, giggly, Gotcha’s! I’ve been waiting 6 months to pull this one off on DJ. The toughest part was not chatting about it on Facebook. Next hardest was forcing myself to remember. Sometimes when I repeatedly go over something in my head, I forget because I’ve imagined it so many times it has already become a memory.

So here’s my set up…Wendell and DJ wear the same size under shorts and under shirts, albeit Denny shops in the Men’s Department, and Wendell in Boys. Last night after DJ set out his clothes for today, I switched them. I knew he’d probably catch the first pair of under shorts, as sometimes when my mom folds clothes, she gets them mixed up (which is what gave me the idea in the first place). I put a second pair in the drawer.

No school today, so I managed to still be in bed when DJ came to get dressed. It all went according to plan. The first pair was looked at and tossed aside. He grabs the second pair out of his drawer, checks the size and pulls them on. Dammit, just a little tight! He peels those off and grabs another pair, I’m stifling my giggles. Still really not suspecting anything devious (because we’ve never pulled pranks before), he pulls on the undershirt. Gee, it doesn’t fit either! I giggle, “April Fool’s!”

I am then warned about payback. Which is fun, but I remind him, nothing mean or messy like plastic wrap on the toilet. DJ says it only took him 10 seconds to figure out how to prank me, and I better be worried until midnight! Yikes!

Happy April Fool’s Day!


One thought on “April Fool’s

  1. Trudi had a good one for Clark. Last night she put a bowl of cereal with milk on it in the freezer. Then this morning, she got it out and put more dry cereal and milk on it. So Clark is eating and pushing his cereal down into the milk and wonders why it’s so hard underneath. She also put newspapers in the toes of everyone’s shoes, including Don’s, Then when they put their shoes on they can’t get them completely on.


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