Date Night aka 6 Month Anniversary

DJ and I celebrated our 6 Month Anniversary on the 18th, however, neither remembered until the 19th.  And I must say, I’m the one who remembered first and quickly shot off a text wishing him “Happy 6 month and 1 day Anniversary”.  Oops!  Oh well, I don’t think either of us were very broken up about it.

Although we missed the big day, I can’t say our plans for last night were last minute because DJ bought the tickets 2 weeks ago.  Now I don’t know if that is what he had in mind when he bought them, but since he isn’t here to ask and I’m not going to bother him at work with such a lame question, I’ll give him the benefit.  Since it wasn’t a surprise, I won’t make you wait for a big reveal.  DJ bought tickets for Celtic Woman.

This is actually a pretty big deal, because for the 4 years, 6 months and 2 days we have been together, our date nights have only been dinner dates.  We’ve never been to a movie or a concert together, making this date night a pretty big deal.  I’m not saying DJ never takes me anywhere, because we do numerous things together.  But, most of what we do includes Wendell, because when you have a special needs kid, that’s just what you do.  Additionally, neither see the point of spending $20 on movie tickets and another $20 on popcorn and drinks  (I used to work for Coca-Cola, I know the cost of that stuff, cup included).

Prior to having a live-in kid sitter (my mom), we had to plan our solo outings for when Wendell’s dad would visit.  It isn’t easy to find a sitter for a special needs kid, not that he’s all that difficult to watch, but I was never comfortable asking family.  Even with my mom here, I don’t always like to ask her, he seems to be on her doorstep a great deal as it is (see “Hats, Hats, TOO MANY Hats!).

So what do we do instead of spending ridiculous amounts of money on outings?  We play cards and board games.  We work outside in the garden and yard.  We hunt.  We fix broken things around the house.  Sometimes we watch television.  We like to cook dinner together.  And we talk, yes talk.  About anything and everything.  His day, my day, Wendell’s day, Mom’s day, friends on Facebook, whatever.  I can’t forget all the things we do with Wendell; Miracle League Baseball, Boy Scouts, which includes summer camp, therapeutic horse riding, and Wendell’s favorite…shopping (another post in the making).  We don’t have to spend money to spend time with each other, which I think makes the quality of our time spent together better.

Well, back to date night.  We went out to dinner first, Olive Garden.  It was delicious, but oh, the garlic!  But I don’t think the smell of our garlic breath could overpower the BO of the guy 3 seats down, or the flatulence of the guy next to DJ.  Or maybe it did because the couples on both sides of us switched places at the intermission, hmm, maybe we did overpower their noses!  Even so, the concert was excellent and we enjoyed our Anniversary celebration!  I love you DJ!


3 thoughts on “Date Night aka 6 Month Anniversary

  1. VERY VERY Jealous !! I have a lot of their music and enjoy it immensely. Hopefully the neighbors don’t peak in my windows to catch me doing some Celtic Dancing as I meander throughout the house while its playing through the surround sound !!


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