What “To Do” When Wendell is Away

As the snow finally starts falling here at Hollow Pointe, I find myself staring out the window at its beauty.  And although it is beautiful, I can not help thinking about all the things I wish I could do outside.  This week, Wendell’s father is visiting him from Alabama.  DJ, my mom (Grandma) and I are kidless for a whole week!

Yippee, yahoo!  Wait, don’t get me wrong, we LOVE Wendell, it’s just nice every 3 or 4 months to get a little break.  Most people with a special needs kid don’t have this luxury, so we take full advantage of the down time to recharge our batteries and get some projects done that are more difficult to do when he is around.

Last week, the weather forecast for this week looked good, as in warmer temperatures and no rain (or snow).  I have learned that the forecast changes hourly.  Case in point, the storm that was supposed to bring 4 to 18 inches March 6, (and in some places it did) caused nearly all the schools in surrounding areas to cancel.  It was predicted to be sooo bad, roads were treated, plow trucks were conveniently located, milk, bread and toilet paper disappeared from the grocery stores.  The schools were right to call off as since most of the snowfall was to occur during key drive times.  However, many areas did not even receive a dusting, and burned up one of their snow days.

Today, the predictions were not as severe and most schools waited until the last minute possible to make their decisions.  They didn’t want to look bad again.  Some opted to cancel, and many took the chance and had kids go to school, planning on early dismissal.  Attend school for at least 2 hours and you don’t have to make it up.  Wendell didn’t go to school; I made an executive decision.  Since he is with his dad this week, Dad has to drive him and pick him up.  Coming from Alabama, his snow driving skills have likelydeteriorated.  Fortunately, his district cancelled.

But, as my mind does tend to drift off subject, I’ll get back to it.  So with Wendell gone all week, my plan was to spend most of the time outside.  I was going to go to my old house (still for sale by the way), dig up some strawberry and rhubarb plants, and the apple tree I planted 2 years ago.  I want to take the peach tree I planted 4 years ago, but the thing grew so big in that time, it just isn’t an option.  But if the house doesn’t sell by July (I certainly hope it does), I will have wonderful peaches.  I would also like to dig up the weeping cherry DJ gave me for Mother’s Day 3 years ago, but he says it’s too big and not likely to survive.  Move this project to next week, as the weather is supposed to be wintery all week.

DJ and I did get one project on our “when Wendell is with his Dad” list.  We finished painting the stairwell.  When we moved in  June, I only painted up as far as I could reach (I’m 5’2″ in case you didn’t know).  I had to get as much painting done before the carpet cleaners came and DJ had to work that week.  The ladders had not been moved yet either, and I’m not about to to be up 12 feet on the ladder by myself.

Sunday was our day for painting.  We brought in the extension ladder; how else does one reach the top of a 20 foot stairwell?  I am great at cutting in at the ceiling, trim and baseboards without tape (really), so I did that.  Then I rolled some of what I could reach, then we switched and DJ rolled what I couldn’t reach.  After the extension ladder was removed, we set up the 9 foot ladder with a 12 foot board from the top step to act as scaffolding.  DJ went out to roll, however, he couldn’t stand up and maneuver around the ceiling fan.  Back out I went.  I didn’t mention we were painting over dark paneling, so the job required us to paint a primer coat first.  So all the ladder moving and painting was times 2.

Most people don’t like to paint and DJ is no exception.  I truly don’t mind, and doing it together (this time) was fun.  It looks great, the area is lightened up drastically with the dark paneling covered.  It probably wouldn’t hurt to put on another coat, but the areas that would benefit most are not all that noticeable, and I don’t want to mess with the ladders again.  Besides, we plan to rip all the paneling out in the future; painting was just a temporary fix (although probably 5 years will pass before that project is scheduled).

I also planned to get out with the camera.  I probably still will, when the snow stops and as long as the wind isn’t gusting (I despise wind), and the temperature is above 35.  Right now, snow has been steady for almost 3 hours, and 3 inches has accumulated thus far.  More to come.

I guess if the weather won’t cooperate, I’ll have to pull out the To Do list and see what I can accomplish this week.  Wish me luck!


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