Happy 13th Birthday Wendell!

I thought long and hard about writing something poetic, majestic, enlightening, entertaining, soulful, clever, or heart-wrenching about Wendell’s birthday, but, I GOT NOTHING!

I spent the day making Hamburger Cupcakes and Sugar Cookie Fries, (thanks http://www.bakerella.com), for a kid not likely to eat them or appreciate them. But the adults did like them, and they are cute.  Yellow cupcakes cut in half for the bun, brownies cut in circles for the hamburger patties, tinted frosting for the mustard, Ketchup and lettuce, and sesame seeds sprinkled on top.  The fries are rolled sugar cookies cut in strips, baked, and sprinkled with sugar (instead of salt).

Thanks to Bakerella.com for the idea.

Thanks to Bakerella.com for the idea.

Wendell did get 2 new hats for his collection.  A sombrero from Grandma, and Pappy made an Indian headdress from the feathers of the gobbler he shot here last fall.  He received 2 shirts, socks, a Charlie Brown and Snoopy DVD, Spiderman wall stickers, a talking Spiderman and mini Spiderman, and a couple of gadgets for his key fidget (that is a story for another time).

What started off as a terrible morning getting up and off to school, ended with a happy kid, satisfied with his gifts, and not asking for more (there’s a switch).  Happy Birthday my son, you are officially a teenager now!  We love you!


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