Getting Started

As I sit and think about what to write in my first post, I am reminded of why I want or need to do this.  With my fingers poised, hovering over the keyboard, I will myself to write.  To release the pent-up thoughts, stories, questions, and frustrations.  “What’s On My Mind?”  Only, where to begin?

My OCD mind says, “Start at the beginning”. Well, that’s a long way back, and there is so much to tell.  Frustration sets in.  Do I make a list?  Where do I keep the list?  My thoughts often run off on strange and unconnected tangents, and I’m easily distracted; just ask my husband.  Should I be humorous or serious?  Will anyone be interested?  Do I even care?  Well, I guess I do somewhat since I’m writing in a public forum instead of a private diary.

Procrastination comes to mind when I think about getting started.  I am an expert when it comes to The Art of Procrastinating.  I can always find something else to do, especially if the task at hand might be difficult, or I don’t know where to start, or I’m overwhelmed.  However, I have recently discovered (or decided), that my procrastinating is nothing more than being lazy.  There I said it, I can be lazy.  I don’t think playing hours of Bejeweled Blitz in front of the television, or taking a nap qualifies as procrastination.  Avoidance, denial, laziness, fear, yes.

That being said, there is nothing wrong with the occasional “me” day.  However, honestly, in my case, I need to restrict myself to a “me” hour.  It is too easy for me to say, “just one more game,” or “just one more show”.  I try to justify and rationalize, I work hard, I deserve a break.  Yeah, right, what did you get done today?

I make a “To Do List”, like most people probably do.  I attended a time management class when I worked in the corporate world, this was in the days before PDA’s and Smart Phone’s.  We carried notebook sized calendar planners for appointments, deadlines, and “To Do Lists”.  Although I no longer carry such a tool, I still utilize two skills I learned, much to the chagrin of my husband, and anyone with whom I share these ideas.

First, don’t assign a specific time to a task on your TDL unless you fully expect to set aside that time. Second, at the end of your day, look back at your TDL and cross off everything you did.  If you didn’t cross off much, sit back and think about what you actually did during the day.  Write these things on your TDL, and cross them off.  That way, you have a visual of your accomplishments and don’t have to beat yourself up for not getting stuff done.  However, I don’t suggest listing and crossing off Bejeweled or television; there is nothing to feel good about sitting around when there are household chores to do.

Now, I can cross off a long time pending item on my TDL…today I wrote my first post for my new blog!


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